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The 2012 Presidential Elections: Understanding the Stakes, Getting the Numbers

Posted by Meta J. Mereday | Published 2012-04-25 04:13:52 | Politics

While it seems only yesterday when the nation came together to watch President Barack Obama take the oath of office - and the historic step - as the nation’s first African American president, 2...

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Police Brutality Cases Must Cease

Posted by Todd A. Smith | Published 2012-04-22 08:15:37 | Politics

We were shocked when we saw the brutal images of Rodney King being beaten by LAPD officers We were even more shocked when those same officers were acquitted of any crimes in connection with that beati...

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Crisis in Egypt Shows Beauty of American Politics

Posted by Todd A. Smith | Published 2012-04-16 06:55:46 | Politics

It is amazing how watching a crisis unfold can remind us of how fortunate we are Although burdened by our own problems, the crisis in Egypt should remind Americans how fortunate we are that we live in...

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Beijing Will Start to Many Subway Lines

Posted by HImfr Ivy | Published 2012-04-11 20:55:09 | Politics

(Reporter Liu Zening) 5 new subway lines will be open today, and open the door at 14:00 at the same time meet the passengers Today morning, the Beijing to West Corporation will hold the opening...

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South Korea Will Call North Korea the Enemy

Posted by HImfr Ivy | Published 2012-04-11 20:23:09 | Politics

South Korea formal, openly called the enemy The Korean peninsula and intense confrontation state must continue until 2011 and upgraded to confront, the possibility of a conflict always exist...

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Many People Died in Violence Happened in Iraq

Posted by HImfr Ivy | Published 2012-04-11 20:05:42 | Politics

Jerry Garden District in Lianyungang, Building 5 (17 layers) of the north, the proposed real estate development company in Lianyungang Dongsheng 32-story office building, currently Before doing excava...

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The State Council Start to Check the School Bus Accident

Posted by HImfr Ivy | Published 2012-04-11 19:49:46 | Politics

(Reporter Chu toward new) yesterday, the provincial government approved the establishment of value-South "1227" major accident investigation team, the survey group requested the responsible department...

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Black Tea Party Adds Diversity to Politics

Posted by Todd A. Smith | Published 2012-03-26 09:25:22 | Politics

I never would have “thunk” it Once the Tea Party established itself in national politics after the historic election of President Barack Obama, many in the Black community, and probably ri...

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Addressing the Healthcare Repeal Effort: Who is Speaking for the Voiceless?

Posted by Meta J. Mereday | Published 2012-03-25 19:52:22 | Politics

Now that the mid-term elections are over and time for campaign promises to become Congressional platforms, the battle lines are drawn regarding the fight over healthcare repeal for the package known a...

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It's Not Our Fault: The Circumstances of Tucson

Posted by Stan Goldberg | Published 2012-03-08 20:30:50 | Politics

Four years ago I began writing about health care issues What I thought was a topic that rational people could discuss, became something filled with personal invectives...

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Affirmative Action Policy, Diversity Practices: Can the Two Work Together?

Posted by Meta J. Mereday | Published 2012-03-07 05:53:45 | Politics

There has been a growing debate about affirmative action policies and diversity practices and whether the two benefit each other or stand in direct competition The basis of the discussion is focuse...

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Compromise -- The Scariest Word in the English Language

Posted by Mike Breen | Published 2012-02-29 23:22:02 | Politics

Ronald Reagan touched a nerve in patriotic Americans when he said the scariest words in the English language are, “Hello, I am from the government and I am here to help” This was a bold st...

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Providing a Kick Start to the Economy

Posted by Lee Eldridge | Published 2012-02-29 23:05:07 | Politics

Our country is facing a number of problems right now Unemployment has continued to be high...

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